An Analysis of Undeclared Wars

Since World War II, no wars have been declared; yet our nation has fought several of them: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, to name a few. Why do sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines fight in undeclared wars? Does a declaration of war matter? Read a fascinating and insightful analysis by author Dr. George Friedman, […]

Lessons Learned From Egypt

One of my favorite resources for analysis of global events is STRATFOR ( I find its thoughtful and objective insights provide a refreshing contrast to the shallow and sensationalistic reports offered by most of what I see in the news media. Take Egypt for example. There’s certainly been no lack of breathless news coverage there […]

Veterans Day Reflections: Join the Navy — It’s Catching

The Harry S. Truman (HST) aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1998 to “to protect our nation’s freedom and conduct sustained combat air operations around the world.” This month, just in time for Veteran’s Day, the HST carrier crew celebrated a milestone as they completed the ship’s 100,000th arrested aircraft catch on November 7. You can […]

A “Go Navy News” Reader Shares a Life in the Navy

It’s been one year now since my Leaders to Sea tour of the USS Truman, the aircraft carrier now supporting operations in Afghanistan. My amazing experience onboard drove me to build the Go Navy News website and blog. A year later, I am delighted at how my efforts are playing a small part to inform […]

Military Families and Insurance: Read the Fine Print

It’s no news that our military personnel put themselves in harm’s way every day they serve our country. Sometimes they pay the highest price in our defense. Their families pay the price too. Now the New York Attorney General’s office alleges that insurance companies MetLife and Prudential prey on our fallen heroes’ families by holding […]

A Memorial Day Tribute to the Navy

May 28, 2010 — Whether it’s Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day or no particularly special day at all, it’s good to know that the men and women of the USS Harry S. Truman and the rest of our armed forces are out there, 24×7, protecting us while we enjoy a “holiday weekend” with friends […]

An Arresting Video About the Perils at Sea

February 16, 2010 — If 115 feet of two-inch-thick steel cable were coming straight at you, would your training and/or reflexes save you? Aircraft carrier arresting cables are designed to stop 50,000-pound F-18 Hornets, arriving on deck at 200 mph, in 400 feet. Given the endless safety precautions taken on board, it’s rare that an […]

Navy Rescue At Sea: Extraordinary Business as Usual

Following up on the recent launch of my Go Navy Web site, I want to continue to communicate exciting news I see and hear from the press as well as from the many Navy friends I’ve made. USS Eisenhower Rescue A recent inspirational news item didn’t receive as much popular press as I thought it […]