Signing Off

My visit to the HST was over too soon, but the memories of the officers and crew, ship and aircraft will be with me from now on. As I boarded the COD and we were catapulted off the deck, I knew right away that my experience had forever deepened my respect and admiration for the people in the military, and in particular the Navy. From observing its organization, I also learned so much that I will apply in my own life and business.

During the coming months, I want to network with people who are interested in learning more about the Navy. It’s one way I hope to pay back the Navy for the amazing experience they shared with me. Please help me spread the word by sharing this site with others. Please feel free to:


  • Link to this site from your own site(s)
  • Tweet about it
  • Add it to your Facebook resources
  • E-mail the link to those who would find it of interest

I also am available to speak to you or your groups in my area (Houston), or coordinate putting you in touch with those who might be able to speak of similar experiences in your region. I welcome other ideas on how I can help increase awareness of and appreciation for our Navy and its mission. Please contact me if you or your group would be interested in learning more.