Here Come the Drones!

That’s right, as the Navy plans for its next generation of air dominance, drones have a huge role.  We’re headed toward a time when the Navy will launch more drones than manned aircraft off its carriers.  Up to 2/3 of the launches could be drones – including the potential for drone fighters.  And the Navy will integrate drone and manned aircraft systems so that they can assist each other on a mission.  The MQ-25A tanker drones are a first step in this program.  It could be followed by an unmanned EA-18G Growler so that more dangerous missions could be undertaken.  I recently read two articles on this topic that you might like to check out:  Future Navy Carriers Could Have More Drones Than Manned Aircraft, Admiral Says and Navy’s Aviation Boss Lays Out Big Vision For Drone-Packed Carriers Of The Future.

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