Lessons Learned From Egypt

One of my favorite resources for analysis of global events is STRATFOR (www.stratfor.com). I find its thoughtful and objective insights provide a refreshing contrast to the shallow and sensationalistic reports offered by most of what I see in the news media.

Take Egypt for example. There’s certainly been no lack of breathless news coverage there lately. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality. How should I realistically view the current events in Egypt? A recent STRATFOR report offered an excellent overview:

“Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality” (republished with permission of STRATFOR).

I encourage you to read the report yourself, but to summarize, STRATFOR contends that the recent power shift in Egypt was not the victory of a popular democratic uprising. In fact, the Egyptian military wanted Mubarak out, and used the popular uprisings as a convenient excuse to replace him. The real ruler of Egypt – the military – hasn’t changed at all. With its position now even more secure, the military may take the additional steps it has promised to transition the country toward democracy … or it may not. Stay tuned.

Whether or not you agree with the analysis, it seems well-reasoned. And a key point strikes me. I am grateful to live in a country where the military truly does defend democratic elections that enable smooth transitions of power, along with a level of social, economic and political stability that none of us should take for granted.

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