Memorial Day 2024

This Memorial Day, it seems fitting to remember the last survivor of the USS Arizona who recently died at the age of 102.  After surviving the attack on the Arizona, he hunted Japanese submarines and fought them in the Pacific.  He survived the war and went on to fight in Korea and to train aviators […]

Seabed Warfare

The U.S., China and Russia are all preparing for seabed warfare.  This includes tapping into each other’s cables, sabotaging cables, retrieving rocket and satellite parts, delivering SEAL teams, mining rare minerals and more.  Seabed warfare has been characterized as the next frontier of modern warfare.  To learn more about our multi-billion-dollar investments in this area, […]

Secretly Recovering a Soviet Sub

In early 1968 the Soviets lost a sub with nuclear missiles aboard.  They launched an intensive search, but couldn’t locate it.  But the U.S. had a pretty good idea where it was due to our Atlantic listening system.  The challenge was, how to secretly recover it.  The CIA took charge and worked with Global Marine, […]

Submarine Pirates

I recently saw an article about why some subs fly the Jolly Roger when returning from a successful mission.  The tradition goes back to the British navy.  Following the introduction of submarines in several navies, Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson, the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, stated in 1901 that submarines were “underhanded, unfair, […]

Memorial Day 2021

You probably know that Memorial Day is a time when we remember and honor those service members who died fighting for America during its wars.  This year that includes honoring approximately 1.2 million men and women who have died since the Civil War.  I saw an obituary earlier this month that allowed me to consider […]

Here Come the Drones!

That’s right, as the Navy plans for its next generation of air dominance, drones have a huge role.  We’re headed toward a time when the Navy will launch more drones than manned aircraft off its carriers.  Up to 2/3 of the launches could be drones – including the potential for drone fighters.  And the Navy […]

Chaplain Lt. Thomas M. Conway Awarded Navy Cross

See this wonderful story of a true Navy hero.  Chaplain Lt. Thomas M. Conway was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic efforts aboard USS Indianapolis (CA 35) after it was attacked and sunk by an enemy submarine in 1945.  As sharks circled the survivors, Conway spent three days selflessly attending to the spiritual needs of his shipmates.  In the […]

America’s Bletchley Park

If you’re a student of WWII history (or have seen the movie The Imitation Game), you know what a critical role codebreakers played in winning the war in Europe.  You may not know that the Navy had a program in downtown D.C. just like the more-famous Bletchley Park facility.  There a group of Navy WAVES […]

Ironman Joins the Marines

Normally I write about the Navy on this site, but since the Marines are a sister organization and since this kind of technology is also being pursued by the Navy, I thought you might find it of interest. You may remember a blog I wrote a few months ago talking about the Navy’s work on […]


A few years ago I was in San Diego and had a chance encounter with a SEAL mini-sub driver and was impressed with everything about him.  So when this article came along, I was reminded of that encounter and the amazing capabilities of our elite SEALs. The article describes a new Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) that […]