Veterans Day Reflections: Join the Navy — It’s Catching

The Harry S. Truman (HST) aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1998 to “to protect our nation’s freedom and conduct sustained combat air operations around the world.” This month, just in time for Veteran’s Day, the HST carrier crew celebrated a milestone as they completed the ship’s 100,000th arrested aircraft catch on November 7. You can view video of what that experience looks and sounds like on this flight deck tour.

Hi Tom: I wanted to point out something about the navy that’s different from the other branches of the service. My husband was in the Navy for 8½ years and started as a seaman. We started out at White Sands Missile Range and we were there almost year when my husband got orders to report to the USS Albany, stationed at the Naval Air Station in Mayport, Florida. The people we met were great, we were so young, I was 21 and my husband was 22. After 2½ years, they put the ship in the yards in Philadelphia. So the ship moved, and so did we and all our friends. Nine months later, the Albany was home ported out of the Naval Air Station in Norfolk Va. So we moved and so did all our friends.

My point is that we never had to leave our friends after he was assigned a ship. We did go to San Francisco for 9 months so my husband could attend school at Mare Island in Vallejo, Ca., then back to the Albany in Norfolk, Va., where all our friends were. That was really a comfort, especially when you are in new place and you’re lonely and lost most of the time.

I think there is something to be said about the young men and women that join the service today. They absolutely give me hope for the future of America in a time when controversy and division reign.

My friends in Navy recruitment have advised me that this Navy wife’s experience is a little bit unusual, and that it’s common for our Navy personnel to be assigned to different crews in their adventures around the world. But it’s interesting to know how diverse the Navy experience can be.

This Veteran’s Day and every day, we at Posey Capital salute our many Navy friends. Reflecting on so many accomplishments we civilians too often take for granted, I hope you will take the time this Veteran’s Day to thank a veteran for his or her service. And, if you or someone you know may be considering joining the Navy, here is some additional food for thought I share with permission from a Navy wife who responded to one of my earlier Go Navy blog postings.

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