Memorial Day 2021

You probably know that Memorial Day is a time when we remember and honor those service members who died fighting for America during its wars.  This year that includes honoring approximately 1.2 million men and women who have died since the Civil War.  I saw an obituary earlier this month that allowed me to consider […]

Here Come the Drones!

That’s right, as the Navy plans for its next generation of air dominance, drones have a huge role.  We’re headed toward a time when the Navy will launch more drones than manned aircraft off its carriers.  Up to 2/3 of the launches could be drones – including the potential for drone fighters.  And the Navy […]

Chaplain Lt. Thomas M. Conway Awarded Navy Cross

See this wonderful story of a true Navy hero.  Chaplain Lt. Thomas M. Conway was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic efforts aboard USS Indianapolis (CA 35) after it was attacked and sunk by an enemy submarine in 1945.  As sharks circled the survivors, Conway spent three days selflessly attending to the spiritual needs of his shipmates.  In the […]

America’s Bletchley Park

If you’re a student of WWII history (or have seen the movie The Imitation Game), you know what a critical role codebreakers played in winning the war in Europe.  You may not know that the Navy had a program in downtown D.C. just like the more-famous Bletchley Park facility.  There a group of Navy WAVES […]

Ironman Joins the Marines

Normally I write about the Navy on this site, but since the Marines are a sister organization and since this kind of technology is also being pursued by the Navy, I thought you might find it of interest. You may remember a blog I wrote a few months ago talking about the Navy’s work on […]


A few years ago I was in San Diego and had a chance encounter with a SEAL mini-sub driver and was impressed with everything about him.  So when this article came along, I was reminded of that encounter and the amazing capabilities of our elite SEALs. The article describes a new Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) that […]

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember our fallen military heroes who died in active service.  This year, I’m thinking about Chief Petty Officer Nicolas Checque who died leading a SEAL Team 6 operation in eastern Afghanistan to free an American hostage from the Taliban on December 8, 2012.  His bravery in that operation earned […]

Anti-Drone Laser Deploys

The Navy’s first anti-drone laser has been deployed on the guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey (DDG 105).  It uses dazzler technology to overwhelm the drone’s sensors.  It’s similar to blinding the human eye with a very bright light.  Its official name is ODIN (Optical Dazzling Interdictor, Navy).  To learn more about this new capability, please read […]

Shooting Down Drones

Drones are an increasing threat to naval vessels.  Iran has already used them against our ships, but drone technology is spreading to multiple adversaries.  To counter this threat, Northrup Grumman is developing an airburst munition.  The target distance is determined by a laser, the munition is fired and it explodes like a shotgun blast once […]

Pieper Twins Reunited

The Pieper twins were both serving as radiomen aboard Landing Ship Tank (LST) 523 when they were killed after their ship struck a German mine just two weeks after D-Day.  One brother was immediately recovered and buried at the American military cemetery in Normandy.  The other brother remained unidentified until the curiosity of a high […]