Improving on the Best

Acknowledgements to Release Date:  2 Apr 2017 Article by Hope Hodge Seck Can SEALs become even better operators?  Rear Adm. Tim Szymanski, commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, thinks they can and has asked industry to demonstrate technologies that offer “cognitive enhancement” capabilities to boost his elite forces’ mental and physical performance by stimulating […]

USS Dahlgren Combines Simulation with Live Fire

Testing new weapons and coordinating them with existing weapons systems is expensive.  Imagine keeping ships at sea at a daily cost of up to $1 million just to test and coordinate weapons systems.  Now imagine reducing the cost by more than half by simulating the same test using a computer. The USS Dahlgren is a […]

The Coming Swarm

Acknowledgements to 60 Minutes. The Department of Defense is developing a new generation of autonomous micro-drones for low-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Called Perdix, the drones are small, with only a foot-wide wingspan, and they operate in swarms to perform their missions. The key to swarming is autonomy. Perdix are not preprogrammed. Instead, they share […]

Pioneering Women in the Navy

Photo from the Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph Collection, NH 106756.   Women have been an important part of the Navy for a long time. They began their service in the Navy as nurses during the American Civil War. Today, there are over 52,391 women serving on active duty. Reading the paper on July […]

The Navy Sends a Message to Russia

Acknowledgements to the Wall Street Journal Article by Tamer El-Ghobashy June 8, 2016 The Go Navy Go website was inspired by my September 2009 visit to the USS Harry S. Truman through the U.S. Navy’s Leaders to Sea program. This experience forever deepened my respect and admiration for the people in the military, and in […]

Meet the Man With the Pentagon’s ‘Luke Skywalker Arm’

The few people who have heard of it think of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA — and the military, for that matter — as just for killing people, but of course there is much more to both, like mercy, caring and healing. This DARPA prosthetic limb project may make a huge difference […]

Countering Silent Subs

Acknowledgements to prime contractor of the program Leidos, Inc. China and Russia (and other countries including Iran) have been adding relatively cheap and virtually silent, diesel-electric submarines to their fleets. These subs are quickly becoming one of the biggest threats to naval operations and to a $1.8 trillion commercial shipping industry. Detecting and tracking these […]

If War Comes, Are We Ready?

Acknowledgements to The Daily Beast Article by Elaine M. Grossman February 16, 2016 Adm. Cecil Haney, four-star Navy officer who heads U.S. Strategic Command, insists we must improve the accuracy of our land-based ICBM missiles to ensure that Russia and China still believe in mutual assured destruction. In a nutshell, after retiring our MX Peacekeeper […]

Buck Rogers Joins the Navy

Acknowledgements to the Office of Naval Research The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has come up with some pretty amazing things. They’re chartered with producing game-changing and disruptive technologies ahead of the normal requirements process.  Previously it was laser weaponry.  Now they’re gearing up for at-sea prototype testing of an electromagnetic railgun.  Click here to […]

Wearing Unearned Military Medals Is Free Speech

A few weeks ago, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the First Amendment allows people to wear unearned military honors. The case was based on a former Marine who wore unearned military medals and awards during a court appearance. The country has attempted to protect the integrity of awards in the past. […]